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Composite Doors

Bi-Fold Aluminium Doors

Great looking and secure windows

  • Do you require additional protection for your residential premises? 

  • At our home improvement company, we provide professional windows installation in Calne covering Wiltshire.

Three windows conjoined
  •  You can rely on us to provide you with the highest quality materials and an assured guarantee on our work. 

  •  We house a wide range of products that can be a great addition to your property.

a window on the side of a house

Our Window Services Cover:

  • Replacement windows

  • uPVC Windows

  • Double glazed windows

  • Sash windows

  • Aluminium windows

windows anchor
Black composite door

Composite Doors

High Performance

Composite Doors Supplied & Installed 

  • Secure

  • Maintenance free

  • Strong

  • Thermal efficient 

Light green composite door
composite doors
Black composite door

Composite Doors give you the look of a traditional wooden front door, but they are maintenance free, energy efficient and are high security.

A wide range of styles, colours and glass designs to suit all homes which can help enhance the character of your home. Please give us a call and we would be happy to find the perfect door for your home.

Red composite doors

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Our bifold doors are made from aluminium, a material known for its durability and bold range of colours. 

Unlike uPVC or wood, aluminium bifold doors will not split, crack or expand and cause problems. 

All installations come with an insurance backed 10 years guarantee. 


3 Pane Aluminium Bi - Fold Doors

Single Door Opening on to Bi - Fold Set

All 3 Opening to one side

open 3 pane Aluminium bi -fold doors
4 pane aluminium bi -fold doors

4 Pane Aluminium Bi - Fold Doors

Double Doors Opening on to the left side of the wall.

Bi -Fold Set

One Single Door & Bi -Fold set opening to right  side.

open 4 pane aluminium bi - fold doors

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bi fold doors

High quality doors and windows in Wiltshire. Contact us today.

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